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The world of sports is a broad horizon of diverse visions, a shared heritage that, from the time of ancient Athens until the present day, has proven itself a meeting place of civilizations; it is at once a common ground for people everywhere to meet and a chance for dialogue in the service of humanity.

If sports form a commercial industry, they are an industry aiming to build a healthy human being, free from disease and moral decadence: a productive, active and creative human being in full control of his physical and mental capacities.

We in our cherished country of Lebanon are blessed with a dynamic sports scene thanks to private initiatives, relying on clubs and sponsors in the absence of official public subsidies. 

I am using my website to cry out this call to action: we must begin to promote sports for all age groups in schools and playgrounds, in both villages and towns, because they form the pillars of sporting excellence, as well as the necessary talent pool of future professionals. In so doing we will have provided our nation with generations of people who understand the social value of sports, conceive of competition as an act of openness and inclusivity, and view sporting enthusiasm as a sign of loyalty and belonging.

I therefore urge the entire Lebanese sporting milieu to live and breathe sportsmanship and to foster our sporting family through continuous care and support, because great nations can only be built on the shoulders of champions.


Walid Nassar
President of the Lebanese Basketball Federation


أكد أن الاتحاد الحالي لكرة السلة عمل بشفافية مالياً وأعطى الأولوية للمنتخبات نصار لـ«المستقبل»: همّام مرشحي التوافقي.. والحلبي متقدم على كاخيا

شدد رئيس الاتحاد اللبناني لكرة السلة المهندس وليد نصار على «أن حظوظ المرشحين للرئاسة اكرم الحلبي وبيار كاخيا تميل أكثر إلى الأول، داعيا العائلة السلوية الى التوافق على شخص جان همام رئيس اللجنة الأولمبية ورئيس اتحاد الكرة الطائرة«.

نصّار هنّأ رئيس الجمهورية العماد عون

هنّأ رئيس الاتحاد اللبناني لكرة السلة المهندس وليد نصار رئيس الجمهورية  العماد ميشال عون بمناسبة انتخابه على رأس هرم الدولة. وجاء في بيان أصدره نصار ظهر الأربعاء:

يطيب لي شخصيا وللاتحاد اللبناني لكرة السلة الاعراب عن كامل الفرح بانتخابكم رئيسا للجمهورية اللبنانية وهذا دليل ساطع لما تمثلون من تاريخ وطني مخصّب بالتضحيات والنضال والمثابرة على إنقاذ الوطن أيا تكن الأثمان.

Tendering session TV broadcasting for Lebanese Champions League
رياضة نصار لـ"النهار": مزايدة عروض كرة السلة شفّافة ونزيهة

ينشغل وسط كرة السلة بملف النقل التلفزيوني لمباريات دوري كرة السلة للرجال عشية فض العروض المقرر عند السابعة مساء الثلثاء 25 تشرين الاول الجاري في مقر اتحاد كرة السلة، بعدما كانت محطات المؤسسة اللبنانية للارسال "ال بي سي"، وتلفزيون المر "ام تي في" وتلفزيون لبنان "تي ال" قد سحبت دفتر الشروط الذي اعدّه الاتحاد بعد انتهاء العقد الموقع مع شركة الانتاج "نيو لوك برودكشن" التي لا تزال تملك حق الاولوية.

وليد نصار يتحدث عن مناقصات حقوق البث التلفزيوني

أنظار لعبة كرة السلة ستتحول بداية الأسبوع المقبل من تحضيرات الفرق الى المنافسة للحصول على حقوق البث التلفزيوني. ماذا يقول رئيس الاتحاد اللبناني لكرة السلة وليد نصار؟

Super Cup Champion: Byblos Club

Byblos Club achieved a “historic treble” in basketball, as it scored two official titles and one friendly title in less than a month. After winning Henry Chalhoub’s Tournament against Al Tadamon (Zouk Mikael) in the finals and the Lebanon Cup against Saggesse, Byblos – winner of the Lebanon Cup added an equal title by winning the Super Cup in Late Antoine Chartier Tournament against Riyadi – Lebanese league’s champion.

Asian Basketball Championship Lebanon in the fourth group With Taiwan, Qatar, and Kazakhstan

The drawing lots left the Lebanese basketball team for men within the fourth group for Asian championship, which will be hosted by China, between the coming 23rd of September and the 3rd of October. The winning team will be qualified to the Rio de Janeiro summer Brazilian Olympics next year. In the following is the result of the draw where teams were divided into four groups and each group contains four teams: • The first group: Iran (Asian champion of 2013), Japan, Malaysia and South Asia’s teams. • The second group: Philippines, Palestine, Kuwait and East Asia’s teams. • The third group: South Korea, Jordan, Singapore and china’s teams. • The fourth group: Taiwan, Lebanon, Qatar and Kazakhstan’s teams. To the esteemed sports section, Under the slogan “Be Proud of Lebanon”, FLB announced the members of the Men’s Lebanese National Basketball Team participating in the West Asian Championship from May 29 till June 2 in Jordan, which qualifies to the Asian Championship. Furthermore, it was announced during a crowded press conference held in “La Creperie” restaurant that Sanita would be the official sponsor of the National Team. Among the first attendants was the Youth and Sports Minister Brigadier General Abdul Muttalib Hinnawi; president of the youth and sports parliamentary committee Deputy Simon Abi Ramia; FLB president Eng. Walid Nassar and members; CEO of Indevco Nehme Frem and the seniors in Sanita company – Indevco group; WABA secretary-general Jean Tabet; clubs presidents, international Olympic lecturer Jihad Salameh; technical, medical, and administrative staff; Lebanese National Basketball Team players; and a large crowd of business men and journalists.

Thankful Declaration from the president of the basketball federation to the honorable Sirs in the sport division

The president of Lebanese Basketball Federation, engineer Walid Nassar, thanked all those who contributed to the success of the sport event that gathered Sagesse and Sporting clubs on the Ghazir Stadium last Sunday. The declaration of the president contained: “I would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of the game between Sagesse and Sporting club, especially the members of the management committee, the secretariat, the managerial committee of the tournament, and the stadium committee for the outstanding managerial and logistical role played that resulted in avoiding the happening of any memorable incident”.



The Lebanese Basketball Federation saw the light at the beginning of sixties, after its separation from the Federation of volleyball, and has gained its own entity ever since. Many successions for the Federation's presidency took place, which later led to a lot of achievements. The presidential states were not for long periods of time, until 1970 when Toni Khoury was elected president of the Federation and his presidency lasted 26 years, which is the longest so far. Khoury left the presidency in 1996 and Antoine Chartier (coming from the world of volleyball) was elected president in the fall of that year until 1999.

In the late of October 1999, Jean Hammam (also coming from the world of volleyball) was elected President of the Federation, and his presidency lasted five years, from 1999 till 2004. In 2005, Michel Tannous was elected president, his presidency continued for nearly two years and a half (2005-2007). Then Pierre Kakhia was elected (2007 - 2010) followed by George Barakat (August 2010-2012) and Dr. Robert Abu Abdullah (from the end of 2012 till the autumn of 2013) followed by Engineer Walid Nassar (a former basketball player) in the famous elections which were held on 21 December 2013, at the Central School of Jounieh, with 15 members of the Federation present. The mandate of the current Federation presidency expires in 2016, and will be followed by a general election for all sports federations and for the Executive Committee of the Olympics, following the Rio de Janeiro Olympics - a system that has been adopted by the International Olympic Committee for several years.



The Lebanese Basketball Federation is performing in Lebanon by virtue of notified announcement issued by the Ministry of National Education and Fine Arts, under the number 3039 on the date of September 03, 1952, it is a Federation of Associations duly authorized to practice the basketball game in Lebanon, and similar federation shall not be established in the Republic of Lebanon, and it is a member of the International, Asian and Arab Federations of such game and in the Lebanese Olympic Committee, it is committed to their statutes and rules and it is performing in total independency and apart from any interference, and it is performing with no distinction and in absolute impartiality away from any belonging or affiliation. At the same time it is maintaining its presence as a civil authority not governmental which is not seeking for any gains, it is performing legally, legitimately and alone in order to manage the Basketball game in Lebanon and to ensure its independency and all the authorities in order to set and respect the rules of the game. The location of the Federation shall be in Beirut or its suburbs and its board of directors determined the official location of the Federation on the following address: Jal-el-Dib Highway – White House Building – Block (B) – Both Third and Fourth Floors. Aims of the Federation shall be: 1. Supervising the basketball game in Lebanon as for its 2. Binding and consolidating the relations between the Federation 3. Binding and consolidating the relations with the local official 4. Binding and consolidating the relations with the Federations of the 5. Permanent relentless pursuing to banish politics, religion, personal management, organization of its championships, its representation abroad, its spreading and its development. and the Clubs affiliated thereto, as well between the Clubs themselves. competent authorities, with the rest of the Sportive Federations adhered under the flag of the Lebanese Olympic Committee. affiliated country to the International, Continental, Provincial and Arab Federations that are supervising this game interests and personal gains, to work with democracy and transparency with no distinction between race and sex and to adopt equity and fairness.



Everyone agrees that Lebanese Basketball was marked by many external accomplishments at the level of teams and clubs. The new era of the Lebanese Basketball started in 1993 with the adoption of the foreign players system and the final-four system (semi-finals). The final series adapted by the Federation was the idea of the new president of Sagesse club Mr Antoine Choueiry. At the level of teams, the Lebanese men team was qualified for the World Championship finals, after coming second in the Asian Championship, held in July 2001 in the Chinese city of Shanghai. This achievement is considered the first at the level of Lebanese collective games. The Lebanese team then participated in the World Championship that took place in Indianapolis in 2002, under the era of President Jean Hammam. In 2005, the Cedars team repeated its achievement, since it occupied the runner-up position in the Asian Championship, which took place in Doha (Qatar) under the era of President Michel Tannous, and it qualified for the world finals championships, which took place in Japan in 2006



- The general assembly held a meeting on December 21, 2013 at the Central College - Jounieh auditorium to ratify the administrative and financial statements for the season 2012-2013, and to elect a new managing committee. The posts were distributed unanimously as follows: President (Chairman): Walid Nassar Vice President: Fares Modawwar Second Vice President: Nizar Al Rawwas Third Vice President: Nader Basma Fourth Vice President: Viken Djerejian Secretary-General: attorney Ghassan Fares Treasurer: Elie Farhat Accountant: George Sabounjian National Teams Director: Nazih Bouji Advisory Members: Fadi Tabet Maroun Gebrayel Hadi Ghemrawi Rami Fawwaz Roger Achqouti Fouad Saliba - The Lebanese Basketball Federation (FLB) members visited his Excellency the Minister of Youth and Sports Faysal Karami on January 21, 2014. - FLB president Engineer Walid Nassar visited the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) between 1 and 3 April 2014, to speed up the process of lifting the ban off Lebanon. - FLB brought in the technical supervisor Stelios Koukoukilidis to oversee the referees from April 1, 2014 till the tournament’s end. - A consultative meeting was held at the Antranik Club headquarters, attended by the federation members; administrative committee of the 1st division league; Objection & Appeal committee; presidents, representatives, and coaches of the first-degree clubs; games’ supervisors; international referees; and Greek international supervisor. - The federation held an exceptional general assembly at the Antranik Club headquarters on April the 16th to amend the general rules according to FIBA recommendations. - FIBA lift the ban off Lebanon on May 7, 2014. - Federation’s president Eng Walid Nassar, signed on the major headlines for a sports cooperation protocol with the UAE Basketball Association. - Vice president Fares Moudawwar participated in the proceedings of the general assembly for the West Asian Basketball Association (WABA) on May 18, 2014. - FLB members visited the Youth and Sports Minister Brigadier General Abdul Muttalib Hinnawi on May 27, 2014. - The two youngsters Jad Khalil and Ahmad Sbeity participated in the Basketball without Borders Asia Camp from the 13th to the 16th of June 2014 in Chinese Taipei. - Mr. Benjamin Cohen, FIBA legal affairs director, attended the Lebanese 1st division Men Championship finals. - FLB members visited the Youth and Sports Minister Brigadier General Abdul Muttalib Hinnawi on July 14, 2014. - The federation’s member Fadi Tabet participated in the FIBA electoral general assembly on July 24, 2014. - Coaches Charbel Albesh and George Khalid participated in a trainers’ course in Dubai from August 14 to18, 2014. - International referee Walid Abi Rached participated in the Asian Championship Under-18 years as a neutral referee from August 19 till 29 in Qatar. - Federation’s president Eng. Walid Nassar participated in the proceedings of the general assembly for FIBA August 28 & 29, 2014 in Spain. - Federation’s president Eng. Walid Nassar was appointed as championships committee member in FIBA on September 17, 2014. - FLB organized its first workshop at the Antranik Club on September 28, 2014. - Second vice president Nizar Rawwas participated in the proceedings of the general assembly for the Arab Basketball Association ABA on November 4 & 5, 2014 in Morocco. - FLB organized a refining course “Referee Clinic” for the new referees. The graduating ceremony was held at the Central Jounieh auditorium on November 14, 2014. - Two FLB members, Fouad Saliba and Fadi Tabet, were appointed in the technical committee and the championships committee of WABA. - Former President Antoine Chartier passed away on the 15th of December 2014. All activities were suspended in respect to his soul and for his mark in the sports world, especially in basketball. - The general assembly was held on March 15, 2015 at the Central College – Jounieh auditorium, to ratify the administrative and financial statements for the season 2013-2014. - FLB organized refining course for coaches “Coaching Clinic” (age groups) at the Central College – Jounieh from March 27 till 29, 2015 under the supervision of ABA and WABA, as well as the Lebanese Ministry of Youth and Sports. 23 participants out of 47 successfully passed. - FLB member Fouad Saliba participated in the 3x3 Global Congress on June 6 & 7, 2015 in Hungary. - International referee Rabah Njeim participated, as a neutral referee, in the World Championship Under-19 years from June 27 till July 5, 2015 in Greece. - International referee Paul Soukaim participated, as a neutral referee, in the European Championship Under-20 years from July 9 till 19, 2015 in Hungary. - The Asian basketball federation organized within its FIBA Asia Development Plan, a management seminar in Lebanon for the West Asian countries, from May 22 till 24, 2015. Secretary-generals and directors of the federations in West Asia – including Lebanon – attended, and international lecturers spoke. - FLB announced during a press conference on the 27th of May that Sanita would sponsor the National Team. - FLB participated in the Olympic Day organized by the Lebanese Olympic Committee on May 31, 2015 at the Fouad Chehab Stadium. - Secretary-general attorney Ghassan Fares participated in the proceedings of the general assembly for the Arab Basketball Association (ABA) in Dubai on November 12 & 13, 2015. - Arab Basketball Association organized a Referee Clinic for the Lebanese referees from November 13 till 15 at the Central College-Jounieh with the participation of the lecturer Mr. Moder Majzoub.

[board of]


[FLB President & Member of Competitions Commissions (FIBA)]
[First Vice President]
[Second Vice President]
[Third Vice President]
[Fourth Vice President]

[The purpose of the]

Supervising the basketball games, organizing the tournaments, developing Basketball in Lebanon, representing the sport abroad and supporting young talents.
Working on closer ties between the acceding associations.
Creating friendly relationships with the International Federation of the game, the AFC, the Arab Union, the West Asia Union and with the Union of Federations of States, acceding to the rest of the international, continental and Arab Unions, which oversee the game.
Maintaining the presence of the Federation as the exclusive civil and legal authority & legitimacy for the management of the games in Lebanon.

[The mission of the]


Supervising the basketball games, organizing the tournaments, developing Basketball in Lebanon, representing the sport abroad and supporting young talents.
Organizing and holding annual tournaments for the different grades and age groups, for men and women andorganizing sessions for trainers and preparing courses for referees.
Publicising laws and decisions, and issuing official publications of the Federation.
Allowing associations to establish special local tournaments and to participate in external tournaments.

[clubs &]


1. الرياضي
2. بيبلوس
3. الحكمة
4. الشانفيل
5. المتحد
6. تضامن
7. هومنتمن
8. هوبس
9. الويزة
10. انتراينك
1. عمشيت
2. المركزية جونية
3. العمل بكفيا
4. فيطرون
5. هوبس صور
6. احياء الرياضة
7. عينطورة
8. تبنين
9. الجيش
10. بجه
11. أبناء نبتون
12. الانوار
13. مار يوسف بيت الككو
14. الفداء صيدا
15. الاتحاد ميروبا
16. الشبيبة
1. المعهد الانطوني
2. الكهرباء
3. الشباب صور
4. اشبال الجبل درعون
5. قنوبين
6. الاخوة الحدث
7. الوفاء الكرك
8. اطلس
9. برمانا
10. جبل موسى يحشوش
11. بودا
12. شباب حبوش
13. انيبال زحلة
14. الكرملي
15. غزير
16. المريميين جبيل
17. برج عينطورة
18. شباب درعون
19. الشبيبة مزيارة
20. سان جورج
21. الجمهور
22. الشراع طرابلس
23. انترانيك سن الفيل
24. شباب البترون
1. الرياضي بيروت
2. هومنتمن انطلياس
3. الشباب العربي
4. انترانيك بيروت
5. المتحد
6. هوبس
7. الشبيبة
8. التضامن
1. البرج عينطورة
2. هومنتمن بيروت
3. الانوار
4. انترانيك سن الفيل
5. هوبس المتن
6. هومنتمن برج حمود
7. الجمهور
8. بيليفرز



2. Amir SAOUD
3. Ali HAIDAR Mohamad
4. Wael ARAKJI
5. Joseph ABY KHERES
6. Ahmad IBRAHIM
7. Nadim SOUAID
8. Rodrigue AKL
9. Charles TABET
10. Bassel BAWJI
12. Omar EL AYOUBI
2. Amir SAOUD
4. Wael ARAKJI
5. Elias RUSTOM
6. Nadim SOUAID
7. Nadim HAWE
8. Ali HAIDAR Mohamad
9. Charles TABET
10. Bassel BAWJI
12. Fadi EL KHATIB
1. Joe ZIADE
2. Mohamad CAPTAN
3. Nady HACHEM
4. Karim ZEINOUN
5. Toufic SAKR
6. Georges EL BEYROUTY
7. Jad NEMER
8. Mohamad EL KHATIB
9. Nader BELMONA
10. Charbel SAAD
11. Mitchel TABET
2. Mohamad CAPTAN
3. Nady HACHEM
5. Mitchel TABET
6. Georges EL BEYROUTY
7. Jad NEMER
9. Nader BELMONA
10. Charbel SAAD
11. Michael Jad DOUNIA
1. Adel Hanna RIZK
2. Ali Mohamad Ziad MANSOUR
3. Dani Walid ELKHOURY
4. Elie Joe Salim ELDANI
5. Carl Endraos ASSI
6. Mansour Walid ELKHWEIRY
7. Marc Hassib ELKHOURY
8. Naiim Elie RABIEH
9. Wiliam Nabil SAWAN
10. Ibrahim Amer HADDAD
11. Naji AZIZ
12. Sami Mohamad ELGHANDOUR

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